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Beneficial Child, Adolescent, & Adult Therapy

Seek professional treatment at Susan Fuchs MD Child & Adult Psychiatry in Trenton, New Jersey, to obtain peace of mind. We provide child, adolescent, or adult therapy sessions to help our patients effectively deal with life's challenges and move forward.

Dr. Susan Fuchs Treats:

• Asperger Syndrome
• Autistic Spectrum
• Bipolar Disorder
• Conduct Disorder
• Depression
• Generalized Anxiety

• Panic Disorder
• Separation Anxiety
• Schizophrenia

Dr. Susan Fuchs Also Offers:

• Family Therapy
• Marital Therapy
• Individualized Adult Psychotherapy
• Medication Management

• Psychiatric Consultation & Evaluation

Autumn Trees - Adult Therapy

Contact us in Trenton, New Jersey, to learn more about our treatments for children, adolescents, and young adults.